Significance of brand storytelling in Content writing

Enhance the core value of your brand together with your brand story.

If you would like your brand to secure an edge within the market there has got to be an emotional connection of your brand with the purchasers . Customers lookout for human connection together with authenticity. Research says 55% of consumers prefer brands that touch and wins customers hearts with their brand story. Communication is that the key that sparks the connection for a extended time but before anything just know who your audiences are.

1. Words are Powerful but less than emotions in brand storytelling

The audience always wants to listen to a story that’s resonating because it strengthens the reference to the brand. Indeed, a study reveals that a neighborhood of the brain gets charged once we get engaged with storytelling. Words are powerful but emotions are more powerful once we mention a brand which is crucial for each brand and its business.

2. Brand storytelling in content writing hooks the audience
Start with a bang with a compelling subject that keeps the eyes of the audience open and intrigued with a search to understand more. this manner it'll not only trigger the interest of the audience but also stir their emotions. Needless to say it’s just a person's emotion that makes a robust bond between brands and therefore the audience. you want to weave the personality of your brand into the content.

3. Authentic brand story builds trust amongst the audience

Create, connect and develop trust together with your audience. they assert simplicity is that the ultimate sophistication so start with an easy story and narrate a drag which will be solved by you. Then head towards describing how you were successful in solving the matter with a technique and ending successfully this type of simplicity seems more trustworthy for the audience. The audience should feel that the brands do look after them and thereby strengthens brand loyalty.

Examples of Brand Storytelling that worked:

- Nike Equality Story

- The Land of Land Rovers story

- The MouthFoods Story

- Apple 1984 Story

- The old Spice Story


The above brand's story has created a private bond with the purchasers and had shown what it stands for by creating emotional and interesting connectivity. This made the brand went the additional mile with its story and stood call at the market by making its story extremely powerful.